Thank You for 2017!

Our inspiration used to come from different sources - something we saw somewhere, or heard about, or dreamt of. This year, though, was a notable one in this regard because the one most special source of our inspiration was the love of our kind and beautiful couples. We were invited to a special place in their hearts to capture their feelings for each other on their most precious day ever. That's what made our 2017 experience so remarkable. 
So a thousand times thank you to our lovely brides and grooms, and our warmest wishes to you for the New Year as a newly married beautiful couple! And to our new 2018 couples, thank you for letting us into your world and let's make it another very special year together!
Here's a glimpse to some of our favorite moments from 2017 that we were privileged to experience. 

After they said "I do" everything suddenly felt so fast, so short...and yet this embrace seems to last forever.

Closed eyes. A gentle hug. Warm summer breeze. Stunning dress. Most importantly, kind, generous, and one-of-a-kind couple. Just some of the things we love about this photo.

And they did it! Did somebody say party time? This is when everybody could tell it's going to be a fun wedding. The happy energy of our gorgeous newly wedded couple not only spread out to all their guests but also into this photograph.

This is the proof that it's all about the eyes...

"And they lived happily ever after..." Dream wedding and our dream clients right here.

The father-daughter dance is a precious moment for every bride, but a whole Waltz is surely magical. 

The best kind of bridal party is a party that never ends ;) 

When the sun is setting, we're on the case!

One photo and three generations. Walking down the aisle can hardly get any more astounding.

When this many men got your back, you know you are special.

Entering the next stage of your life...

A very special thanks to Caron and Sean for making us feel so welcome and appreciated. We can't forget your courtesy and eloquence. :) 

A beautiful act of respect, gratitude, and kindness.

Moments before the ceremony, it's usually all about the bride. But on this day it was more than that. It was also about being a mother.

Bright lights. Big crowd. Big party. Like, a really big party.

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