University Club of Toronto Wedding - Embracing the Vintage Charm

It is hard to put into words just how beautiful this Toronto wedding was, with all the charm and emotions that we witnessed within the elegant vintage walls of the University Club of Toronto. Liana and Graeme have a very special allure about them, especially in each other's embrace. Our bride and groom brought this venue to life with their classic yet modern style, and will surely be an inspiration for those looking to make their celebration timelessly endearing.

The morning of their wedding day was a calm one. As usual, I started with the bride's wedding details like her invitations, shoes, bouquet, and jewelry, while the bride and her bridesmaids were getting beautified. I also managed to sneak into the groom's department for a few snaps of their getting ready affair, which I have to admit was the smoothest ever - no struggle with the boutonniere this time around!

It is fair to say that first looks takes the stage as the most intimate and emotional part of many couple's big day. The anticipation and excitement is at the height, and so is the heartbeat. It is so wonderful to take a moment and feel each other's presence - hug, kiss, stare, and, most importantly, forget that I am taking your pictures!

The best time to get the bridal party and family pictures is at your designated photo-shoot time. Your bridal party and family will not only get a chance to have amazing photos with you, but will also make your experience that much more fun. Because they are your best friends after all, and know all the insider jokes that will get you to loosen up and smile for my camera. Win-win solution. Especially when they look this radiant and stylish!

Since Liana and Graeme are a big fan of the modern urban vibe, we took it to the streets around University Club of Toronto for some in-the-moment snaps. The formal photo-shoot took place at the popular Osgoode Hall which offers beautiful architecture and gardens (and no photo permit so be ready to share the space with a few other wedding parties).