Stunning Fall Engagement Shoot in Toronto: Rouge Park in Style

Anna and Dilan are the kind of people we feel we have been friends with forever. Probably because most of our friends are just like them - kind, friendly, and so interesting to talk to. After a bit of a hassle getting to Rouge Park in Toronto (I never said we were amazing at directions hehe) we got down straight to shooting because it was minus gazillion outside. Do not be fooled by their smiles. It was really, really cold. Even a stranger made a comment about how I should take off my own coat, just to be fair to the couple lol.

It was our first time in Rouge Park, but Anna and Dilan spent their many days there, strolling around the paths and falling in love with each other, so they knew the park inside out. We love being introduced to new locations by our couples, and making memories with them. Now every time I go back to this park I will remember, "Hey, Anna and Dilan, those guys, I wonder how they are doing!"

I have to say, Rouge Park is now one of my top favorite places to shoot. The landscape is simply breathtaking, especially in the fall. Not a typical well-taken-care-of garden in Toronto. It has wilderness to it, taking you away from the modern urban life.

Anna certainly knows a thing or two about looking stunning. Her style was the perfect ingredient in capturing the romance in the portraits. She wore a long burgundy dress that perfectly complemented the fall colors. Dilan looked his part as well - the perfect date for his lady!

Isn't that smile just adorable! We got a sweet day out with these two, and can only imagine how lovely their wedding will be! JUST. CAN'T. WAIT.

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