Ravine Vineyard + Distillery District Wedding: "Not Your Typical Wedding Day"

One day we got an email that read, "We are loving your portfolio, but we have an unusual wedding." That surely sparked our interest to find out just what was so unusual about their wedding plans. We had no idea that we'd meet two one of our most spontaneous and adventurous couples yet. Their vision was nothing over the top or unexpected - what's so special was how they wanted to execute that vision. It was about doing what felt good and meaningful in the moment, and making the best memories they can. That led to having not one, but two memorable days to cherish forever.


Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery

On a pleasantly warm September day, Taneil and Chris wedded at the picturesque Ravine Vineyard in the circle of their immediate family + us. The morning was as calm and enjoyable as it gets. Come first look, that's when the heartbeat goes up and emotions get high. "My heart is like...pounding," in Chris' own words - as you can also catch in their highlights video trailer below. Vineyards are such a beautiful setting to show up in your white bridal gown and embrace your husband to be. Check out our favorite morning details and first look moments below.

Wedding Ceremony

Located right by the vineyards, you don't have to try hard to make it look stunning. Nature does it all for you. As the guests sat in a semi-circle waiting for the ceremony to start, strong winds created a scenery that was later remarked by the officiant as "Gone With the Wind". Fits the theme for sure! In addition to the exchange of vows, the bride and groom chose to follow a beautiful tradition of getting their loved ones to bless their rings, and pass on their love and wisdom through holding the newlyweds' wedding bands.

Wine Stomping Fun

Never seen wine stomping before? Taneil and Chris braved getting their feet to work and got pretty fun moments out of it. Check it out for yourself (disclaimer: you will be tempted to do it too!) The best part of it was seeing the father willingly grab a glass of whatever the stomped wine-juice it was and drink it with much pleasure!

Wedding Reception Dinner

Straight out of my candlelit dinner dreams? Oh yes! Ravine Vineyard Estate has an actual cellar room for intimate dinner experiences, and it's so well worth it. The atmosphere is so romantic and charming with a dozen candles lighting up the room and offering an ever tempting prospect of delightful vintage wines. It opens up the door to many casual and sweet conversations.


Fermenting Cellar - Distillery District

Fast forward two months, and we had the pleasure to see Taniel and Chris again for their cocktail-style wedding reception for the wider group of family, friends, and colleagues, held at the Fermenting Cellar in Distillery District. This time around we got a pretty chilly winter weather to work with, but the beautiful Christmas Market decorations were enough of a motivation to brave the cold and snap a few shots. After all, Distillery District is the most sought-after location in Toronto for wedding photographers and cinematographers alike. We didn't omit the chance to get some more formal shots inside the venue as well - it has such a unique and attractive vibe with unfinished industrial walls and moody lighting.

Soon after, when guests started arriving, music playing (by an amazingly talented live band), food cooking, Taneil and Chris did a round-two entrance after revealing their highlights trailer to their guests! Planned by Jan from Willow Rose Events, the evening went buttery smooth with lots of fun moments, dancing, push up competition, heartfelt speeches, and party into the late night!

Congratulations again to the lovely couple Taneil and Chris, and Happy Happy Anniversary from your crew Lusine, Jacob, and Martin! :)


Day 1 - Ravine Vineyard in Niagara on the Lake

Photography & Cinematography - Shotlife Studio

Venue - Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery

Floral - Roses + Twine

Dress - NWL

Suit - The Dirty Inc.

Day 2 - Fermenting Cellar in Distillery District, Toronto

Photography & Cinematography - Shotlife Studio

Venue - Fermenting Cellar

Planner - Willow Rose Events

Live Band - Stereo Flavour

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