Tips to Get Ready for Engagement Shoots

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning.”

The same goes for engagement photo-shoots! Here are some tips on how you can make your engagement shoot stand out from being just another photo in the park.


Feeling comfortable is good, but on your engagement session you are in the spotlight, and so should be your clothing! Don’t shy away from looking your best. Our ladies, put on that dress you are in love with. And maybe those stilettos, too? Dear gentlemen, dress to impress your lady like this is your first date. The best choice for clothing is when it speaks of your personal style while complementing the romantic theme of the engagement shoot.


Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most. Having the right accessories is a great way to add some more character to your looks and achieve matching colors with your partner. A headpiece, a bow tie, jewelry, suspenders… the list is as big as your beloved accessory shop. We will surely love taking the photos of all these small but beautiful details.


We all tend to get comfortable with our daily hair and makeup routine. Nonetheless, if you’re planning to get a test run for your wedding hair and makeup, it’d be a good idea to book it on the day of the photo-shoot.


Your engagement photos can get even more interesting with props such as a bouquet of your favourite flowers, save-the-date signs, picnic blanket… or you can just bring along your cute dog or your vintage ride. But remember not to get too carried away with them - the most important thing is to capture your emotions and personalities!


You can only have so many of the formal stand-and-look-in-the-camera type of photos, and that’s exactly why we will suggest various posing ideas for you depending on the location and the setting. The key is to keep yourself open and trust the eyes of your photographer.


There are plenty of beautiful parks in the GTA that are all-time engagement shoot favourites. But there are also the breathtaking waterfalls in Hamilton, cute streets in Yorkville, awe-striking architecture at UofT, cafes, barns, and luxury suites for photoshoot rental. Just keep in mind that the location you choose will represent the theme of your shoot and will be the background in all your photos.


Bring out your good mood and it will show in the photos! So feel free to laugh at our silly jokes.

Hope you found our tips useful! We are obviously more than happy to chat with you and make each session one of a kind.

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