Engagement Shoot Outfit Ideas: What to Wear for Stylish and Timeless Photos

engagement shoot outfit ideas what to wear

Engagement sessions are a chance to illustrate a special time in your lives, and are best captured when they are personalized and exploratory in nature. One of the most important elements in achieving a timeless and stylish aesthetic for your engagement photos is your attire.

Expressing yourselves with exquisite and coordinated fashion choices brings an editorial look to your images. We are here to help you with color palettes, pairing ideas and other styling tips, individualized for each couple's tastes and personalities. It is important to consider which style fits you best.


  • Refined casual, timelessly chic, metropolitan dressy, among many other styles;

  • Location-appropriate fashion choices;

  • Accessories that enhance the look;

  • And last, but not least, ensuing you and your partner complement each other.

To help you with some visuals on your seemingly infinite attire possibilities, I went on a virtual window-shopping (because who wouldn't like that, right?), and am excited to share several engagement shoot styling ideas below! These clothes are all from the shops that you can find at pretty much any mall around town, and the prices are a rough estimate, depending on the available discounts at the time of your shopping. These attires really caught my eye because of several reasons.

What to keep in mind...

  • Certain neutral or pastel colors and lightly textured fabrics react really well with our approach to photographing your session (lighting, posing etc.);

  • Stay away from clothing with busy patterns or logos - those work for fashion photography, but for engagement shoots we want to keep the focus on your beautiful faces and emotions. Keeping the colors simple works best;

  • If you do not feel your best in your attire, chances are you will not be able to express yourself with a happy smile and confidence. It is best to stay away from skin-tight outfits and opt for options that feel romantic, light, and elegant.

Hope this helps you in your search for your engagement shoot outfits! We'd love to hear from you with any questions or comments so don't be a stranger and say hi! :)

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